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  • What NASA is doing to keep astronauts safe from cosmic rays

    On March 1, NASA posted a video to its website with a countdown to the end of the solar eclipse.The countdown begins when a tiny black dot appears at the edge of the sun.The dot disappears and NASA tells us it’s due to a new kind of solar storm.The eclipse is over, and the video […]

  • How to use the new CSS editor on Twitter

    Python is getting a lot of attention lately as a great tool for coding and design.In this article, we’ll walk you through how to use CSS editor to quickly and easily edit the HTML of a webpage.

  • How to write a homestead blog

    By Melissa Richey | 15 December 2018 08:04:52If you want to start a blog about homesteading and living in Australia, you’re going to need some good content.This is the first post in a series looking at the best homestead blogs out there.This is a very small selection of the homesteaders’ blogs.Some of these are excellent […]

  • How to Get More Paid Jobs With Eclipse (Tech)

    By now, most of you are probably aware that the tech world is full of people who hate working at companies that use Eclipse. So, what’s the solution? Well, that’s what I was going to do, right? I decided to create an Eclipse job application that would be super easy to use and provide some extra compensation. What? Why would […]

  • Editors pick website builder

    Editors pick builder website editor,adjectives,noover website source ABC News (AU) title Editors say Novello editor says site builder is the best way to edit article Editors say editor wants site builder to become the best online tool for editors to edit articles, and wants Novelli to have an editorial role in its future.Novellos new editor, […]

  • How to write a story in JavaScript

    You know how to do a simple article in JavaScript but you don’t know how?In this article, I’ll teach you how to write the article in PHP.The article will use some jQuery code to draw a circle and then show you how you can make a copy and paste it in HTML using some jQuery.It […]

  • How to use an Android phone as a tablet editor

    A smartphone app lets you add images and video to your video, photo or text documents, while the Android tablet editor can easily flip a document to a tablet-like display and annotate.These are some of the best apps on Android that can take a tablet and turn it into a tablet that can edit documents.Here’s […]

  • Which Mac books will be worth more over time?

    If you’re one of the millions of Mac users who got your hands on the original iMac in the late ’90s and early ’00s, you probably noticed the MacBook Pro.The iMac came with a powerful graphics processor and a keyboard and trackpad, as well as a full-featured operating system with the OS X desktop.The system […]

  • How to get the most out of your mobile site

    With mobile sites, the goal is to deliver a more compelling and relevant experience.The key is to ensure that the content, navigation, and design of your site is consistent across devices.But what if you don’t have the bandwidth or time to load the entire site?With the help of some smart tools, you can build your […]


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