What’s the future of Google Maps?

Google Maps has been an indispensable tool for people who want to explore their neighborhoods, or get directions to a doctor’s office, but its usefulness has been limited by a lack of data.

Google wants to change that.

Today, Google has announced the release of a new website editor, the site editor android.com, which will allow users to edit the map data they generate in the Google Maps app.

You’ll need to install the app, which can be downloaded for free from the Google Play Store.

The new editor is designed for use with a tablet or smartphone.

As with any new tool, Google will need to provide better information about what you can edit in the editor, and it’s not yet clear how Google plans to do that.

The company has also not announced when the new editor will be available to use.

The developer blog post also suggests that it will be open source and that the tool will be released to the public “in the coming weeks.”

Google is currently planning to launch an open-source version of the editor later this year.

That’s a departure from the way Google Maps is designed, which is based on an in-house version of Google’s map technology that is only used by a small subset of the company’s staff.

Google says the new open-sourced version will have a larger set of features, but has not offered any details on how many of those features will be in the new version.