Report: Trump administration’s anti-immigrant rhetoric is creating a climate of distrust among Hispanics

A new report says the Trump administration has created a climate in which white nationalists are emboldened and anti-immigration sentiment is spreading, leading to more anti-Mexican and anti.

The report, titled “Trump’s Racism and Anti-Immigration Policies Have Turned the White Nationalist Threat into a Racism Threat,” is based on interviews with experts and government officials and found that white nationalists and other extremists are emboldening anti-Hispanic sentiment in America and encouraging people to feel unsafe, even fearing for their lives.

The study found that the White House has fostered a climate where white nationalists, neo-Nazis and anti -immigrant activists have formed networks and a climate within which white supremacists and other extremist organizations have increased their influence in American society.

The white nationalists who are creating the conditions to increase their influence, the report found, are embolden and emboldened by President Donald Trump’s anti -immigration rhetoric and his rhetoric against immigrants, the study said.

They are emboldener by his administration’s policy of building walls and rounding up undocumented immigrants in the US and around the world, the authors said.

In the Trump era, the white nationalists have created an atmosphere of fear in America that is creating the climate for increased hostility towards immigrants and immigrants.

The white nationalists also have encouraged anti-Latino and anti .

The white nationalist groups are emboldeners because they have increased the number of white nationalists in the country, the researchers said.

And they are emboldented by the president’s administration’s efforts to curtail immigration, including efforts to deport people who are in the United States illegally and deport undocumented immigrants who have entered the country legally.

The researchers also found that Trump administration policies have led to increased violence against Latinos and other groups in the communities of color.

In one case, a group of armed men attacked a Mexican family living in the small town of Ciudad Juarez in northern Mexico, killing two and wounding nine people.

The families were undocumented immigrants and were members of the La Raza civil rights organization.

In another case, anti-racist activists in Chicago were assaulted and killed by a group that called itself “Black Lives Matter” in a confrontation that sparked weeks of protests.

In response to the attacks, Trump vowed to crack down on the immigration of illegal immigrants, but his administration has been slow to do so, especially in cities where he has been elected.

The White House and other Trump administration officials have been reluctant to take action on anti-Trump violence.