What’s new in the Android app for news and stories

We’ve been using the app for the past week, and it’s really been awesome.

We’ve done some great reporting.

The first story I did for this week, I was in Bangladesh and it was just unbelievable.

It was a man being shot, and he had a camera in his pocket, and a camera he had on him, and this guy was just going about his business.

So I got the footage, and then the camera came up and I was like, “That’s amazing.”

That’s what the app was designed for.

The newsroom needs the news, and the app gives you a way to share the stories.

So it’s been really awesome.

And now that we’ve got the app, we’re working on a few more.

And that’s one of the things I really want to talk about: The app is really good at covering what we see on television and on the newsstands.

So we need to do a better job covering what people are seeing.

We have a bunch of people that are just making videos, and they are not as detailed as we want to be, but we have people that do live shows that we can get in there and they can get the details.

So you can watch those shows on YouTube and get the live stuff, but the live coverage we need.

And we have to do better at what we cover on television, too.

So, we need more of that.

And the app has been really helpful in that regard.

We do have a few videos we’re doing now, which are going to have to wait until we’re able to add more.

So they’re going to take a little while, but they are going out in the coming weeks.

Reporter: This week, the Associated Press is launching a new website editor app, called The Wire.

The app includes a newsroom editor, as well as a live newsroom video editor.

It will also allow people to share their work on social media, like Twitter and Facebook.

We’ll be following the rollout, and we’ll let you know what we learn.

Thank you, James.

That was NPR’s Scott Kacsmar.