“I will fight to be your first-choice anchor, I said on Monday” – MSNBC anchor Alex Wagner

The first question anyone asks when they’re asked if Alex Wagner will be a part of their newsfeed is “who?”

But, when asked if he is going to be their first choice anchor, the anchor is quick to say yes.

“I am, and I’m not,” Wagner said in a tweet on Monday.

“You should never forget that.”

“Alex Wagner will remain our first choice anchorman,” a spokesperson for the network said in an email to BuzzFeed News.

“Alex is an excellent news anchor and will continue to serve as one.

We thank him for his service and look forward to welcoming him back to our network.”

Wagner is the first anchor to have been announced to replace Bob Costas on CNN following the death of the host on Sunday.

The move was welcomed by the network’s advertisers, who are eager to see a full slate of anchors in the future.

“We are thrilled that Alex will continue his excellent career with the network,” said Dan Richman, president and CEO of The Walt Disney Company.

“He is an accomplished anchor with a deep track record of delivering high-quality, innovative programming.

He will be our first-line news anchor for the foreseeable future.”

A spokesperson for CNN confirmed Wagner’s decision to BuzzFeed and said that it was “a long process” for Wagner to be formally announced.

The network has a list of eight people to fill in as anchors for the next six weeks: Alisyn Camerota, Chris Cuomo, Erin Burnett, John Berman, Alislyn Camerota and Aliserna Navarro.

“We are extremely excited to announce our new anchor lineup for the second half of the year,” CNN’s chief content officer, Mike Allen, said in the email.

“With our lineup of high-caliber anchors, we will continue our relentless pursuit of excellence.”CNN will be announcing a replacement for Camerota as soon as next week, but the network has not said how many other anchors will be let go this week.

CNN is one of a handful of networks that have said it will keep some of its most important anchors, including CNN’s John King and Jake Tapper, for the remainder of the season.