How the world has turned its back on Israel

The Israeli-Palestinian conflict is getting so heated that there is a new term for it.

It’s the BigCommerce website editor.

And on Tuesday, a new edition of her website was published in the United States, making her the first editor of a major US retail company to speak out against the Israeli occupation.

The decision by BigCommerce to include the editor in its annual magazine was not unexpected.

The publisher of the American edition of BigCommerce, which is published by the American Express, is an outspoken supporter of Israel and has previously stated that it was “inarguable” that the settlements are illegal.

The editor, Adi Friedman, was one of the most prominent critics of Israel during her tenure at the company.

But Friedman has since become a vocal critic of the settlement project, which has become the major irritant in the Israeli-Palestine peace process.

In her article, published in March, Friedman wrote that it is the “unacceptable” policies of the Israeli government and Israeli settlements that are the “most devastating factor” in the ongoing conflict.

“This is not a fight between two states,” she wrote.

“This is a fight for the existence of two states.”

According to Friedman, the conflict between Israel and the Palestinians is an ongoing battle.

“Israel’s occupation of Palestinian land and the refusal of the Palestinian Authority to accept a two-state solution are two sides of the same coin.

Israel continues to pursue a policy of apartheid against the Palestinian people,” she said.

She continued, “These policies are responsible for the deterioration of the prospects for a just and lasting peace between Israel, the Palestinian and international communities.”

We demand that the occupation of Palestine end and that all refugees be resettled in their countries of origin.””

We demand that Israel withdraw from all of its settlements in the West, including East Jerusalem and Gaza.

We demand that the occupation of Palestine end and that all refugees be resettled in their countries of origin.”

Friedman, who is Jewish, wrote that she was “disappointed” in “the recent actions taken by some in the U.S. and Europe against Israel,” adding that it “is disappointing to see the media, academics, business leaders and the U,S.

government support such policies.”

The Israeli occupation of Arab lands and the occupation and settlement policies of Israel have been described by the International Criminal Court as crimes against humanity, genocide and war crimes, and have been ruled illegal.

But Friedman did not think that the media and academic communities were fully aware of the facts of the conflict.

“For a number of years now, the Israeli media has been trying to hide the truth,” she told Al Jazeera.

“It is a very unfortunate state of affairs,” she added.

“I am disappointed to see some in Washington and other countries being so blind to the reality of the situation.”

The publication of the magazine, titled “In the Shadow of the Wall,” is the latest in a string of editorials against Israel published in Israel and across the US.

The editor of The New York Times, Maureen Dowd, recently wrote an op-ed in which she claimed that the Israeli army had killed hundreds of Palestinians in the occupied West Bank.

“The United States is the only country in the world that does not recognise the state of Israel,” she argued.

“No matter how many times it says otherwise, Israel remains the occupying power in the Occupied Territories.”

Israel has also been criticized for the construction of a massive wall on the West bank and for the blockade of Gaza, which Israel maintains as a legitimate and sovereign territory.