Band is looking to sell its UK and Ireland websites

BigCommerce is looking for a buyer for its UK site and Ireland site.

Both sites were acquired by the Irish company, which bought them from the band The Lazy Lads last year for a reported £100m.

It has since moved to the UK.

It has been said that the company is looking at ways to improve its site in the UK and to sell some of its sites in Ireland.

In a statement, BigCommerce said it was “very pleased to have acquired this site” from the Lazy lads. 

“It’s a great site and we’re confident that it will continue to improve over time,” it said.

“We look forward to seeing how the site will evolve and continue to grow with BigCommerce and its clients.”

The site was acquired from the group for a price of £100 million.

It said it has been in a strong position for the last two years, and is now looking to improve.

“As a site that is built from the ground up to meet customer needs, we believe this site is going to be the best place to grow over the next few years, with our growth prospects increasing with each new acquisition,” it added.

The Lazy said it is working on a new site for the UK, but the company would not provide details on the exact location or timeframe.

BigCommerce said the site would be relaunched as a new BigCommerce UK site in 2017.