Which sites should you bookmark when you’re bored?

The Internet has long been considered an open platform for innovation and creativity, but many people are finding themselves bored with what it can offer.

The sites we’re most likely to bookmark, in fact, aren’t the most interesting ones.

Here’s a look at 10 of the best online destinations to explore.


Amazon Prime: Prime members get free shipping on all orders over $99.

The Amazon Prime program allows customers to get free 2-day shipping on any Amazon order over $100.

The program also allows Prime members to stream movies and TV shows and get an Amazon Prime-branded tablet.

It also offers a number of other perks including Amazon’s Prime Music service, free two-day postage, and an unlimited number of Prime Day purchases.

The Prime program also includes free shipping for all Amazon orders over 2 pounds.

The free shipping is limited to $25 for Prime members and $50 for non-Prime members.


The Daily Dot: The Daily, the most popular website on the Internet, features a wide variety of content and articles.

It offers a wide range of articles and stories, and also allows users to create their own content.

The website features a huge collection of news and information, including reviews, features, and news and opinion articles.

The site is one of the few sites that doesn’t charge for access to the Daily Dot.

The company offers a $5 credit to any Amazon account to spend on content.


Daily Tech: The site hosts a number