Which is better: Irish beer or Irish wine?

What to do with the beer?

 There are different opinions on this question.

 Some argue that it is better to drink Irish beer, which is not only more affordable but also has a distinct flavour.

A spokesperson for the Irish Beer Company, said that their aim is to produce the best beer possible.

“We believe that our beers are excellent and that it’s best to choose the beer that best matches the season,” she said.

She added that the quality of the beer was dependent on how much is put into it.

I do believe that Irish beer is better served in smaller quantities.

You might see some examples of Irish beer at the pub and you might see the number of bottles that it goes through but if you drink it straight from the bottle it’s not the best.

This is not to say that Irish wine is bad or that it doesn’t taste good, it just has a different flavour.