How to use the Google Search feature in Windows 8

The search bar can be annoying, but if you have a Windows 8 PC with Windows 8.1 installed, you can now use it.

The new search feature in the Windows 8 interface is located in the search bar at the top of the screen, and it lets you search for apps, games, or videos in the apps or games section.

Google is calling this a new way of searching for apps and games.

To do this, just press the Search key (the blue arrow) while hovering your mouse over a app or game.

When you hover over the search option, you will see a pop-up box with all of the search terms listed.

If you want to search for the specific app or games, you simply click on the app or a specific game title.

You can also tap on the search box for more detailed search results.

The search box also lets you customize your search results by dragging the search area to the right or left of the results.

This will open a new search window with the options for customizing the results to your liking.

You will also be able to view the app store on your PC.

You don’t have to use this new feature if you’re already using Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8.0.

If Google has the functionality built into Windows 8, it will probably work well in Windows Phone 7.1, too.

For more information about the search feature, visit this article.

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