Google to hire hundreds more editors, add new features

Google will add hundreds more employees to its editorial team, and will add new tools to help editors get more out of their sites, as it tries to boost its reputation in the world of online content management.

The move to hire more editors comes after Google announced it was hiring 200 people to help it produce and manage more than 2,000 new paid articles, including articles for Google+, Google+, Apple, Facebook and others.

The changes, announced in a blog post on Thursday, will also include a new “digital team” for Google that will work with Google News and Google+ to help writers produce better content.

They will also make it easier for editors to track the creation of their content and create better ways to share and engage with their readers, according to the blog post.

Google also said it would add a new digital team for its news division that will help Google News users create content, analyze content, and create links and content for publishers.

The hiring of more people to Google’s editorial team comes after the company unveiled last year that it had acquired The Wall St Journal and the Washington Post, along with The Huffington Post.

The news organizations’ departures from Google came as the company’s search business grappled with declining search rankings and a wave of legal and financial problems.

The Journal and The Post both filed for bankruptcy protection last year, and the companies were bought by Alphabet last year for $3.5 billion.