Top editors leave Microsoft

Editor-in-Chief for Linux hostwinds, who is a member of the editorial board of the Linux Times, left Microsoft last month after a three-year tenure.

The Linux Times editorial board announced Wednesday that it is stepping down from its position as a member and that the newspaper will no longer accept money for advertising.

Linux Times editor-in.

Paul McAndrews, left, and publisher Michael Hennessey left Microsoft in May.

The news comes as Microsoft is facing mounting pressure over a new cybersecurity report, and amid concerns that the software giant is moving toward a version of Windows that may be more vulnerable to malware than the current Windows 7 and 8 operating systems.

The company has defended the software as secure and efficient.

Last month, the Associated Press reported that Microsoft is developing a Windows 10 version that may not be secure enough for businesses and consumers to use, with some customers reportedly unable to run it on their own PCs.

In May, the company said that it was “considering a variety of ways to mitigate risks and improve the stability of Windows 10.”

Microsoft spokesman Eric Geller told NBC News that the company “is committed to continuing to improve Windows 10” and that Windows 10 will “enable businesses to get the most out of their PCs.”