The Famous People website editor resigns after admitting to deleting tweets that showed support for #BlackLivesMatter

Editor of the notorious People website Alex Jones’ website,, has resigned.

TheFamous People posted a statement to their website on Thursday, saying that the website was in the process of closing down and that Jones had informed them that he no longer wished to be a contributor to the site.

The statement read: Alex Jones has always been a friend and supporter of the Black Lives Matter movement.

We were saddened to learn of Alex’s decision to step away from The FamousPeople.

Alex will remain a contributor on The Famouspeople website.

The Famous people staff, who include a host of former members, staff, and employees, will remain active on

The announcement was made on the site’s website, where the site is hosted.

Jones told TMZ on Wednesday that he will no longer contribute to the popular site.

Jones has been a vocal supporter of Black Lives Matters movement since its inception.

The former conspiracy theorist, who was born in South Carolina, is known for his anti-government conspiracy theories, conspiracy theories about the Federal Reserve, and his call for “the end of all government.”

He was suspended from The Fayetteville Observer newspaper last month after being caught on camera calling Black Lives matter a “criminal” group and saying that President Barack Obama is “a criminal.”

Jones said at the time that he was not a supporter of any specific group, but that he did not consider himself a white supremacist.

He said that he supports Black Lives matters because he believes in justice.

The Famous People site is currently home to content that includes videos, podcasts, and articles about Jones and his various conspiracy theories.

The site is home to videos featuring Jones and others including “The Truth is Out there,” a documentary about his career in the “fringe” conspiracy theory movement.