Reddit and Twitter: The big tech news stories of the week

The next couple of months have been crazy.

TechCrunch has been in the habit of covering some of the biggest stories in tech and this year was no exception.

But this week, we’re going to focus on the ones that have really, really, REALLY rocked the internet and social media in the past week.

So let’s dive right in.1.

Reddit CEO and CEO Steve Huffman, the creator of the subreddit r/KotakuInAction, resigns from Reddit after a number of sexist and racist posts surfaced.

This comes on the heels of a number scandals that have shaken Reddit’s core team and led to the firing of some prominent staff.2.

The #MeToo movement has taken over social media.

Twitter has seen a massive shift in its attitude towards sexual harassment.

Twitter is banning users who post photos of themselves without their permission and has launched a harassment training program.3.

Amazon’s Jeff Bezos has taken the wraps off his new Kindle Fire tablet.

The tablet is the second-largest e-reader in the world, and Amazon is offering an 80 percent discount on the new model.4.

The CEO of Twitter, Jack Dorsey, has taken to Twitter to discuss his role in the “dark ages” of the internet.

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey has taken a leave of absence from Twitter, following allegations of sexual harassment and other misconduct.5.

Amazon is planning to open a new data center in Mexico.

A new data facility will be set up at the former Pico de la Luna, a former Amazon data center near Mexico City.

The data center will provide Amazon with additional computing power for its cloud computing operations.6.

Netflix has been testing a new streaming service in the United States.

The service, dubbed iHeartRadio, is a subscription-based streaming service that will include all of Netflix’s content in one place.7.

The Twitter account for the Washington Redskins football team, which has been suspended for six games after its owner, Dan Snyder, was found to have sexually harassed a female employee.

The account has been removed from Twitter.8.

Amazon announced plans to hire more than 200,000 new full-time employees.9.

Google announced a partnership with Amazon to bring its search technology to the cloud.

Google’s cloud service is called Cloud Foundry, and it will provide services for cloud computing applications.10.

A federal court in Georgia ruled that a man could legally possess a firearm if he’s under the age of 21.

The man, Anthony Wills, was charged with possession of a firearm by a convicted felon.

He was found not guilty of the crime.11.

Apple has released its latest operating system update for the iPhone 6s, iOS 10.3, and iPhone 6 Plus.

This new operating system adds support for the new Apple Pay mobile payments system.12.

Twitter announced a new product line that will help companies use AI and machine learning to improve customer service and help employees find answers to customer questions.13.

Amazon has released an update for its Echo speaker.

The new Echo speaker is an Echo-like device that uses a voice recognition software that can find your location.

The Echo has the ability to recognize your voice, and you can even adjust the volume.14.

Twitter and Google announced they will be opening up a new division to support AI in their search results.

Google and Twitter have already launched the Twitter Machine Intelligence Lab.15.

Amazon launched its first artificial intelligence-based product called Fuzzy.

The product was developed with Google and Facebook, and will help businesses develop new, personalized search products.16.

Amazon and Facebook announced they would be collaborating on a new machine learning platform.

Amazon will also be working on a machine learning system for Amazon Prime Video.17.

Google has launched its own app store.

The company said it will be selling apps for its Alexa voice assistant.18.

Google is also rolling out a new way to access data from Google Cloud, allowing you to access a data store on the Google cloud and see the data in your own time.19.

Google, Amazon, and Microsoft announced the launch of an AI-powered artificial intelligence platform called Watson.20.

Google confirmed that it has created a new type of artificial intelligence, called a neural network, which is being built by researchers at Google.

The Neural Network will be built into Watson.21.

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos announced that Amazon will open a $1.2 billion cloud computing center in Austin, Texas.22.

Amazon introduced a new, improved version of its Echo speakers that are also equipped with voice recognition technology.23.

Facebook is launching its own search engine for online shopping.

The Social Media Optimization Engine will be powered by Google and Microsoft’s DeepMind AI research and development organization.24.

Amazon unveiled a new cloud platform called Elastic, which will help the online retailer store more data about its customers.25.

Facebook announced a deal with the maker of