On the eve of my birthday, the angels have sent me a birthday present!

On January 1st, I received my first birthday gift: a $5,000,000 reward from Angelfire.

It’s the highest amount of reward Angelfire has ever given a programmer for their work.

The $5 million bounty is the largest bounty Angelfire is offering in their history, and one of the biggest bounties Angelfire will ever award.

To make things even better, Angelfire said they had received a request from Google and Apple, and were “very excited to give back.”

To be clear, AngelFire isn’t giving away any software to anyone.

It wants people to build apps.

It has no plans to provide any software itself.

Instead, Angelfires bounty is for any company that makes apps for iOS devices that meet the Angelfire specifications.

These are the features Apple has been talking about with the company: a large user base, the ability to build new versions of its apps, and the ability for users to create apps for the Android platform.

Android and iOS apps can run on any device running iOS or Android, with or without a Google app installed.

For more information, read our post about the AngelFire bounties.

When we reached out to Angelfire to ask about its plans to give away $5M in rewards, the company’s CEO, Ben Stenzel, told us that “Angelfire is not providing a single software package, we’re simply offering a set of tools that make building apps for Android easier.

Angelfire offers these tools for free, and anyone who uses them will receive the same benefit.

The more developers we can get our hands on, the more we can build the apps we need for the mobile platform, and to get that benefit we’ll need to make a lot of money.

The Angelfire Team” (emphasis added).

When we contacted Angelfire, it said it was looking for more money to support developers and its product.

In our interview, Stenkel confirmed that this was the case, and that the company will be using the bounty to “support developers and their products.”

He said that “our primary goal is to help developers, not to help Google.”

Stensel said that he and his team would also continue to work with Google to help them improve Android and build “more powerful apps.”

In our conversation, Stenssel said the company was “in the early stages of building out a developer ecosystem, but that’s where the focus is right now.

We have a lot more to share about the ecosystem in the near future, and I’d love to talk with you about that.”

The $1.9M in angel funding will be used to fund a new “Bounty Team” to work on Android and other iOS platforms, and then, once they are finished, the funds will be dispersed to developers.

Stensels said that the team would focus on “developing features that will help developers build their apps on Android faster and more efficiently.”

For developers interested in being part of the Angelfires development team, here are the three things they will be doing in the future: helping the Angel fire to build out a better ecosystem to support apps, improving the tools developers can use to build for Android, and supporting their own apps.

For developers, the team will be working with the team from the Android team to develop more robust APIs and APIs that make Android more open, including the “native” APIs that are part of Android and run on most smartphones.

“Developers have a variety of different needs,” Stenks said.

“For example, the majority of people have their apps running on mobile devices.

They have different requirements, but they have a common goal in mind, and so they can all build on top of each other.

So we’re going to be focusing on building out these APIs and working with our Android team on these things.

We want to make sure we’re building the most powerful APIs and apps that can work on every device, and we’ll work with the Android developer community to get the tools that we need to do that.”