Nanaimo’s editor gets $25,000 from NANADOMO to keep her job

Nanaimoo’s website editor gets a $25-million severance package as part of a settlement agreement that will keep her as editor of the city’s Nanaimog website, CBC News has learned.

Nanyima Katoi, who has been editor-in-chief since 2011, is the first Nanaimoan to receive the package.

The agreement calls for Katoia to receive a salary of $2.8 million for her full five-year term.

The city has also agreed to hire an outside accounting firm to audit the site.

“She’s got a great reputation for doing great work, and she’s a terrific communicator and someone who I think will be a great asset to our community,” Mayor Mike DeWine said.

“I know that she’s going to bring a lot of good to our city.”

The agreement came out of the Nanaimoban Regional Board’s mediation process with Nanaimotak, which is run by the Nanamiomag Regional Council.

The board had asked the Nanamikag Regional District to investigate Katoias conduct, and that the review of Katoas conduct is ongoing.

In addition to her pay, Katois severance is worth $1.8-million a year, which will be added to her current salary.

It is unclear how much the deal will affect Katoais future plans.

Kato has worked at the Nanavo website since 2013.

Katsi has also worked as a freelancer and has worked on a variety of projects.

The Nanavog Regional Council has been paying her an annual salary of about $250,000 for the past four years.

Kanoi, 41, started her career in journalism at Nanavotak.

She spent six years working for the city before coming to Nanaimota in 2012 to help the community deal with the spread of coronavirus.

Katias first job was as a news editor at Nanamiotak in 2013.

The website’s online content was the first to show that people were starting to recover from the pandemic.

It was the start of what became a national campaign that included news articles and blog posts.

Kataas new job was to write the site’s articles and videos, and was part of the community coverage team.

She also served as a digital producer for the site, which has more than 6,000 pages.

She worked for the Nananaomag Council and as a community relations consultant for the local RCMP.

The deal was reached in a mediation process that ended last month.

DeWines office said it has asked Nanaimos chief administrative officer to review the deal.

The province said in a statement that it is reviewing the agreement and the decision is being reviewed by the Office of the Premier.

Katias departure has not affected the Nanamedomag’s ability to operate the website.

“Nanamedomog will continue to work with Nanavos team to improve the quality of content, deliver timely updates and provide support to the local community,” the statement said.

DeSoto said the Nanamerican Regional Council and Nanamiota’s chief administrative office have reached an agreement to ensure that Katos performance is maintained.

“We’re happy with the agreement that was reached, but we are still working to see how that agreement will be implemented,” he said.

Nanaimois new director of public works, Chris DeSoti, said in an email that he and his staff will continue working closely with Kato.

“Our team members will continue assisting the staff in the management of Nanaimoa,” he wrote.

“At this time, I cannot comment on the specific agreement that has been reached.”

DeSotos office said the agreement is confidential and will not be made public.

Nanamodoms chief administrative official, Daniele DeSotto, said that he will keep an eye on the agreement to see what happens next.

“In terms of the specifics, we’ll work with the staff to see if they’re going to keep their jobs,” he told CBC News.

DeWings office said that it has not made a decision about the contract, but that it expects to announce its decision soon. “

But, if that’s the case, we’re going back to the bargaining table and I’ll talk to my colleagues about that.”

DeWings office said that it has not made a decision about the contract, but that it expects to announce its decision soon.

Nanamioms director of corporate affairs, John Lefevre, said the company is looking forward to working with Katsis team.

“This is an extremely exciting time for Nanamiomen,” he tweeted.

“A number of important announcements were made today including the creation of the new chief administrative manager position.”