What you need to know about Cpanel website Editor

Cpanel is a website editor that will allow you to edit your website, add, remove, and edit content.If you’re looking to start editing, there are several ways to get started:If you have an existing website, you can sign up for a Cpanel account and access all of your content.To start, you need the Cpanel Developer […] →Read more

What you need to know about the new F1 season

Updated April 10, 2020 09:08:24This year’s F1 is set to be the biggest in history, but who is going to be driving the new cars?The answer is revealed by a new study from the research firm PwC, which reveals that the F1 drivers are being paid a whopping £16.3 million.The study shows that, by comparison, […] →Read more

‘A sad reminder of a world in mourning’: How the World was meant to end

A sad reminder to all who live in a world where we cannot even mourn the passing of our loved ones.We will always be sad for the loss of someone we loved, but we will never forget their passing.A world where the world is still a sad place and our grief is all that remains.We […] →Read more

How to write a screenplay, with a little help from an editor

Editor’s note: This article is part of a series on the importance of hiring editors, in part to keep writers, directors and actors in the loop on new ideas and trends.The piece was originally published in March 2018.The story is reprinted with permission.Read the original article.The New York Times is one of the most influential […] →Read more

What to expect from the Samsung Galaxy S8 in China, USA and the UK

Superlative, beautiful and affordable smartphone manufacturer Samsung has released the first version of its Galaxy S 8 flagship in China.The smartphone is expected to arrive in the country on October 29 and will retail at about $800.Its launch has been delayed by a month due to weather in China and other countries, but its official […] →Read more

The Lad: A Guide to the World’s Most Interesting People

This article originally appeared on The Lad, a website edited by people who know the world better than anyone.If you’re a former employee or someone who’s just looking for an outlet to say hi to the new generation of internet commenters, check out our Facebook page, or follow us on Twitter, Instagram, or Google+. →Read more

Fox News’ Fox & Friends to end ‘Fox &amp ; Friends’ ‘s 10-episode arc after five seasons

Fox News will end its 10-part “Fox & am &amp g Friends” arc after the network has seen the final five seasons of “The Simpsons.”The network announced the decision Monday, announcing that the fifth season of “F&G Friends” would end in early 2018.It will air its final season in 2019, after which “F &amp&amp<&ampg Friends” […] →Read more

What’s wrong with the ‘freethenews’ coverage?

The freethenets have made a name for themselves on the Internet by providing a new kind of information journalism that provides the public with information from the most controversial corners of American politics, but critics say the format is a little too opaque.Here’s what we know so far about what’s wrong and how to fix […] →Read more

Why Apple is buying the ‘internet’ of people

Apple has announced a $5 billion deal to buy the ‘Internet of Things’ company Nest, making it the latest company to acquire the global leader in home automation.The deal, which is expected to close in the third quarter, will create an $11 billion business for Apple in the tech sector.Nest was founded in 2004 by […] →Read more

ESPN: ESPN is going back to ESPN2. No more sidekicks

The NFL is going to stop making sidekickers.It’s not going to continue to give out sidekicking bonuses.That’s not the end of the world.And the NBA is going forward to doing the same.The NFL announced Monday that it’s going to end its sidekicker bonuses this season, with a new sidekick starting this week.There are a few […] →Read more