How to Create A Template Editor Using CSS, Javascript And jQuery To Make A Great Website

A template editor is the perfect tool to create a website with a lot of content.While it’s important to know how to create your own template, you can get creative with the template you’ve created.We’re here to show you how to build your own custom template editor with CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, and a handful of […] →Read more

How do you make your dreams come true?

The first dreamweavers in Australia began in the mid-1970s when a small group of dreamers went to the United States to help train local teachers.In the process, they began to discover the world of dream work.They started to work with dreamers and dreamers with dreams and they found the perfect balance between them, with a […] →Read more

‘Me and a guy from the NHL: How the NHL got started and what we can learn from it’

With the NHL and its new ownership group having finally started its new season, it is a good time to look back at how the league got started, and how it has evolved into the most successful professional sports league in the world today.The league was created in 1967 to compete in the American Hockey […] →Read more

When the White House doesn’t need you to write the news, it has to hire an editor

The White House website has a lot of the same problems that the newsrooms of the world are facing right now.The President doesn’t have a single writer or even a single person working in the editorial department, which is where most of the newsworthy content gets written.And when that content is so often partisan, the […] →Read more

When is an API an API?

The answer is a little different for different types of API’s.When is one an API, what is the difference between them, and what’s the difference for developers?Let’s take a look.1.What is an APK?APK stands for App Package Definition, and is the code that developers need to create their apps.It’s the code the application executes when […] →Read more

How to become a more beautiful, more beautiful woman

If you want to become more beautiful and more beautiful than the average woman, you need to stop looking for it.In this article, we will help you achieve this goal.1.Be more accepting and accepting of others.2.Get more involved in your personal life.3.Take responsibility for your actions and words.4.Use less of your energy to create.5.Learn to […] →Read more

On the eve of my birthday, the angels have sent me a birthday present!

On January 1st, I received my first birthday gift: a $5,000,000 reward from Angelfire.It’s the highest amount of reward Angelfire has ever given a programmer for their work.The $5 million bounty is the largest bounty Angelfire is offering in their history, and one of the biggest bounties Angelfire will ever award.To make things even better, […] →Read more

The Famous People website editor resigns after admitting to deleting tweets that showed support for #BlackLivesMatter

Editor of the notorious People website Alex Jones’ website,, has resigned.TheFamous People posted a statement to their website on Thursday, saying that the website was in the process of closing down and that Jones had informed them that he no longer wished to be a contributor to the site.The statement read: Alex Jones has […] →Read more

Why is Canada’s government planning to shut down its public broadcaster?

Posted March 02, 2019 05:15:16The Canadian government is preparing to cut off CBC and replace it with a private, government-owned broadcaster, a move that could mean the end of CBC’s coverage of national politics.The Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) has scheduled a public hearing next week on the proposal to shut CBC, the Canadian […] →Read more

Reddit and Twitter: The big tech news stories of the week

The next couple of months have been crazy.TechCrunch has been in the habit of covering some of the biggest stories in tech and this year was no exception.But this week, we’re going to focus on the ones that have really, really, REALLY rocked the internet and social media in the past week.So let’s dive right […] →Read more