Why do you hate Markdown?

Editor’s Pick One of the more annoying things about Markdown is that it is a type of HTML.In order to make it look good, you have to make sure you know how to properly use it.Here’s how to do that.1.Get a keyboard that supports Markdown Editor’s Picks Why do people hate Markup?article This article originally […] →Read more

How to find a good salary online editor,

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The most bizarre and controversial comments made on Nano Editor

By Alice Ahern Editor | February 02, 2018 03:12:10With the announcement of the Nano Editor, an iOS app that will be available for $1.99, it is hard to know exactly what is going to be said, or what people will find funny about it.But one thing is for certain: it is a pretty weird looking […] →Read more

What’s the future of Google Maps?

Google Maps has been an indispensable tool for people who want to explore their neighborhoods, or get directions to a doctor’s office, but its usefulness has been limited by a lack of data.Google wants to change that.Today, Google has announced the release of a new website editor, the site editor android.com, which will allow users […] →Read more

How to Build an Open Source Climate Monitor (CLIM) for your own home, office, or greenhouse

You can’t always trust your home climate monitoring system to always work.But you can rely on a suite of free online tools that can provide an online interface that can help you make sure that your system is always running smoothly and correctly.In this article, we’ll cover what these tools are, how they work, and […] →Read more

‘A good friend’: Preeti Kaur in conversation with author Ashok Bansal about her novel ‘Chariots’ in India

Preeta Kaur has an unlikely friendship with the author Ashoka Bansal.The duo met for the first time in 2015 in New York, when the writer and his wife, actress Preetika Bhandari, were promoting her latest novel, “Chariot”, which has just been released.They went on to become close friends, and Preetiya said, “He always asked me […] →Read more

The web’s biggest companies fight over who gets to sell ads

In the digital age, companies that control the flow of information have long had a vested interest in blocking competitors.So, too, have the powerful.Today, that position is increasingly being taken by those who run the biggest companies in the world, with a clear interest in keeping the digital economy thriving.But the stakes are high.According to […] →Read more

Twitter bot to show tweets with more tweets in the top 100

Hacker News editor-in-chief Alexey Tsipras has written an extension that will let you see tweets with “more” tweets.The extension is available in Chrome, Firefox, and Opera.Twitter bot will now show the tweets with the most tweets in its top 100.The Twitter bot extension is currently in beta.Twitter announced the extension on Tuesday, saying it would […] →Read more

Which Congresswoman will the next GOP leader stand with?

House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) is set to announce his leadership picks on Monday morning.The top GOP candidate to replace Speaker Paul Ryan, the GOP’s leader, is expected to be Rep. Tom Price (R), the former secretary of health and human services, a Trump ally.The GOP-led House is expected, if not expected, to pass […] →Read more

‘Bootstrap 4’ is a powerful framework for building scalable web applications

The latest version of Bootstrap 4 is now available.And it’s the latest iteration of the popular framework.The framework is built on top of the React.js JavaScript engine.This engine allows developers to create reusable components and animations and to build modern, responsive websites.But for many people, the syntax of Bootstraps syntax makes it difficult to extend […] →Read more